We set up fun workshops to tackle challenging topics, helping you create deeper understanding and meaningful connection in the search for common ground.

Our past (and future) events!

We learn best by having fun!

We can do better than this

Often talking about sensitive topics is seen as a battle, a clash of ideas and personalities. The 21st century TV political debate has gone this way, showing us that substance matters little ; in the face of style, carefully laid out arguments merely ripple the water, while snappy one-liners storm the media.

This rubs off on us. In our day-to-day lives and on the web, on family and discussion groups, the same sterile "debating" happens all the time to the point we sometimes don't prefer to engage at all.

To solve this issue, we use the principle of guided discovery, prompting participants to take part in factual and rational workshops, while challenging assumptions and prompting them to draw their own conclusions. All with an engaging and interactive twist! We learn best by having fun :)

A healthy space, a rewarding event

This is:

  • A quest for deeper understanding
  • A safe space for talking and sharing
  • A facts-based approach
  • A collaborative endeavour
  • A search for common ground

Ground rules

  • We all have opinions, and that's ok
  • No one "wins" an argument
  • Listen first, speak later
  • Focus on the idea, not the person
  • Diversity of perspectives is a strength

Tools for greater understanding

No matter the topic, we must be aware of the innate limitations in our thinking, overcome our logical flaws and biases. Some tips to move beyond them:

  • Challenge your preconceived notions

    We all have our point of views. How can we be sure these reflect reality?

  • We don't have all the answers

    Having doubts and accepting we don't know opens up space to learn.

  • Avoid blanket statements

    "All cops are xxx!", "All politicians are xxx!" Blanket statements are probably wrong, but assuredly unhelpful.

  • Stay on topic

    We love to jump to another topic when we reach the limit of our argumentation. Staying on topic enables us to reach deeper understanding.

  • Define the words

    Confusion can stem from having different understandings of words. Make sure we're all on the same page to begin with.

  • Embrace the nuance

    Truth is not black or white, bute a shade of grey. There can be good arguments on both sides of the aisle.

  • Embrace the complexity

    One stat or one argument is not the whole story. Strive for a complete view of a topic.

  • Put yourself in their shoes

    Learning to articulate others point of views helps to broaden your perspective on a topic.

  • Abstract yourself from personal experience

    Personal experiences are powerful in shaping our thoughts, but do not tell the whole story.

How, who, what, when, where

  • How

    🧠 Participant-centred workshops with awareness-raising questions and activities. Group learning for guaranteed fun and engagement!
  • What topics are covered

    Depends on the workshop! We cover topics in the media and political literacy fields. Check out the past and upcoming events above to have an idea!
  • Where

    All workshops are in-person in order to increase engagement. A flexible format means a workshop can happen in any sized room, but the amount of participants should be no more than a few dozen, in order to maximise impact.
  • Who this is for

    • Citizens interested in media and political literacy
    • Citizens seeking deeper understanding
    • Citizens wishing to sharpen their critical thinking
    • Teachers aiming to foster critical thinking in their students
  • When

    We organise and lead workshops whenever there is demand for them, providing we have the time and resources to organise them. We can also assist you in setting them up yourself.
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