Political literacy

Rise above the fray of polarising discourse to develop a clearer understanding of politics & democracy through our email lessons & interactive resources.

Why this matters

At every election cycle, the charade begins . Politicians are suddenly interested in their citizens, the lens of the media turned to the game of politics, the internet is ablaze of eternal debates, complicated voting systems are explained, polls dissected, the drama eventually unfolds like a boxing match, results are analysed, experts chime in. Even the most assiduous followers of politics watch the show from afar until the cycle returns.

Whether you vote or abstain, we all feel a little uneasy about the democracies we live in. Some see the whole process as a masquerade, others point the finger at the corruption or hypocrite politicians. Apathy sets in.

We can sometimes forget what democracy truly is and its benefits. We also forget that it is the one means we have to enact change and to have a say on the society we live in, however imperfect it is. This is why we need to filter the noise, define where the issues lie and dream of a better system.

These lessons are here to help with your thinking.

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  • You've got mail!

    10 lessons, 10 days, 10 minutes each day. Ideal as an introduction to the subject.
  • Methodic learning

    Proceed in steps to understand something as complex as politics. A clearer picture of the strengths and flaws of our democracies will emerge.
  • Critical thinking

    Develop your ability to analyse, question and reflect on the world of politics.
  • Take things further 🎓

    The learning resources below were made for a learning environment, with many prompts to go further and deeper into the subject. The perfect complement to the email lessons.

    Anyone with an interest is encouraged to browse, engage and learn. At your own pace.

    Who, What, When, Where

    • Who this is for

      • Citizens confused by politics
      • Citizens apathetic about democracy
      • Citizens wishing to sharpen their critical thinking
      • Teachers looking for resources for their students
    • When

      Inputting your email below triggers the flow of emails. You’ll then receive one lesson each day for the next 10 days, plus one preamble and epilogue. You can browse the resources at any time, no sign up required.
    • What topics are covered

      The focus is on politics in the UK and USA
      • Current & alternative voting systems
      • Obstacles to voting
      • The left-right divide
      • The art of political communication
      • Voter psychology
      • Transparency, accountability & corruption
      • Media & politics
      • And many more!
    • Where

      Only an email address and first name is required to sign up for the email lessons. You can also freely browse and share the interactive resources.
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